As I said, these episodes are first-draft or pre-first-draft efforts.  I can already see things that need to be addressed, as I expected.  The main problem I need to attack in the next round of rewriting, IMO, is that Aithan is far too much of a blank slate.  His personality and motivations and desires are much too vague at this point.  Certainly a problem that can be fixed (and must be fixed).  Also, the story world in general needs fleshing out.  Again, not in insurmountable problem.  I once read, regarding J.R.R. Tolkien and “Lord of the Rings,” that he made you feel that you were dropped into a world that had a rich and ancient past.  Yes, yes, yes.

Finally (and here my admiration for J.K. Rowling is boundless), I am terrible at fictional person and place names.  This is a bigger problem than you might think, because a character without a name, or with a “wrong” name, just refuses to come alive.  Think “Percy the Hun.” I’ve actually written a program that generates random names based on user-entered vowels, consonants and  combinations of multiple vowels and/or multiple consonants.  Maybe I’ll post a few lists of generated names, just for fun.  I also entered into the computer a huge list of saint’s names I found on the internet.  Lots of name possibilities there (but not place names). List of Saints


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