I was speaking with my cousin Peter over the weekend, and he knew I was writing a novel, and he said “you should put some chapters online.”  Turns out my wife Diana has said the same thing multiple times, but this time, for whatever reason, the idea stuck.  So, for better or for worse, it begins.  As time permits I will post consecutive chapters of the first book (of what I plan to be three books).  Some of these chapters are written, some are not, I’ve bounced around as the muse dictated (that is to say, I’ve picked the lowest-hanging fruit first).  I’ll post additional chapters when I can, which is to say, randomly.  These are all first-draft efforts, or even pre-first-draft if such a thing exists.  I figure Peter and Diana will read them.  If anybody else joins, welcome and I hope you find some enjoyment and some fair to middlin’ storytelling.

EDIT: OK, these are not chapters, more like scenes.


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